Letter from the CEO:

Greetings from all of us here at Dream Technology Solutions in State College, PA. What started as a conversation among three friends and young professionals (see pic above), has grown in just over a year into a power-house reselling and demand gen operation consisting of over ten members and advisers known as the Dream Team. I (Tim) would like to take an opportunity to share with you what exactly our "Dream" is and why we call ourselves the Dream Team. It is common today to hear someone share from their heart that they would like to make a difference in this world. A lasting impact. To leave a legacy. But in our fast-paced professional world, life can be difficult and career advancement can often require everything we've got just to take care of ourselves, let alone trying to help others along the way. It is a noble desire to want to make a difference. But how do we really accomplish this beyond the walls of our workplace?

Mission, Strategy, and Investment

Our Mission at DTS is to launch a non-profit organization that will develop young professionals throughout the world, providing education, career experience, and ultimately, jobs in communities lacking middle-class opportunity.  

Our Strategy is to build a thriving business, based on hard work, integrity, and relationship. We bring value to clients and manufacturers who have excellent product offerings, but lack the sales infrastructure needed to immediately grow their marketshare. At times, there may already be a sales team in place, in which case we can further accelerate pipeline growth by securing appointments and identifying opportunities for handoff.

Our Investment - 10% of all DTS net-profits are invested into the advancement of our mission to reach and CHANGE the world. While the non-profit branch of DTS is still in creative development, the capital is already being allocated and preserved as we seek to be faithful to the mission even in its infancy. 

We share your heart in wanting to make a difference. We have constructed a plan to accomplish this and are in the advanced phases of execution on that plan. Whether you are interested in partnership with DTS, employment & consultation, or enlisting our services, know that Dream Technology Solutions operates with excellence, value, and purpose. If you share our vision, give us a call

-Tim Altero